Can American Manufacturing Survive And Thrive In A Crumbling Infrastructure?

American’s manufacturing recovery has been shakier than a lot of experts anticipated. Although efforts to reshore production from overseas and a number of business incentives have helped, there are still a number of factors that have prevented the sector from returning to its pre-recession prosperity. Some claim that our country’s aging and crumbing infrastructure is a major hindrance to America’s once dominant industry. Even as the sector shifts to more digital and virtual processes and products, its success still depends on a physical infrastructure.


Image Source: Wikimedia

How a Decaying Infrastructure Hurts U.S. Manufacturing | The Wall Street Journal

“When suppliers can’t move goods and employees can’t get to work, then manufacturing firms are vulnerable. On recent Harvard Business School U.S. Competitiveness project surveys, logistics and infrastructure remain areas in which the U.S. is falling behind other nations. Yet logistics is increasingly the lifeblood of manufacturing, as companies increase their dependence on supply-chain partners. The strategic advantages that come from supply chain in turn depend upon the smooth operations of transportation systems, including trucks and other cargo carriers, and the quality of the infrastructure on which they run.

Harvard Business School Professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Do you think that infrastructure issues are having a serious effect on American manufacturing? Will the restoration of our roads, bridges, and other structures have a major impact on the sector? Share your thoughts in the comments.