Numerous Benefits of Steel Hex Bolts

Parts that are as simple as stainless steel bolts and nuts may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, the quality of these components could determine whether your product will fall apart or remain sturdy over time. Here at Baco Enterprises, we understand that you need the most reliable parts on the market, […]

A User’s Guide to Hex Head Bolts

When two materials without threads need to be fastened together, hex head bolts are a natural choice. These bolts allow for plenty of torque to be applied during the fastening process so that a tight seal is formed between the two objects. These fasteners are used along with a nut and can be placed into […]

The Importance of Screw Anchors

Many different types of screw anchors exist, and they can be very useful for ensuring that your screws do not slip out of the construction materials. Each type is used for different reasons, but they are all designed to make connections between materials stronger and longer lasting. Installing Items on Drywall When you are installing […]

A User’s Guide to Construction Lag Bolts

A lag bolt is also referred to as a lag screw. The most common use of a lag bolt is in heavy construction when wood needs fastening to another piece of wood or other type of material. Because it’s capable of supporting heavy loads, a lag bolt is often used in residential construction projects such […]

Customizing Your Concrete Installations With Wedge Anchors and Bolts

A concrete patio or business entryway is full of promise when designers want to permanently install a decorative pedestal, sculpture or lighting fixture for functionality and beauty. However, attaching any item to concrete requires the right fastener or concrete anchor for safety and longevity are perfectly matched to concrete as a strong fastener choice. Simplicity […]

A Guide to Concrete Anchors

A concrete anchor is a metal fastener used to attach objects to a slab or block of concrete. There are many types of bolts that perform this function, with each design having specific advantages for different materials or situations. Concrete anchors are used in a variety of applications such as affixing steel beams into a […]

What Consumer Trends Are Furthering The Building Industry?

There are some new consumer trends that have had an interesting effect on the building industry. Now, an increasing number of contracting clients are looking for more than just a few customizations. Instead, they need unique structures that are sometimes built from the ground up. Thanks to rising consumer niches that require more individualized contracting […]

What Do Many Of The World’s Latest Megaprojects Have in Common?

If you look at some of the world’s grandest and most expensive structural projects over the last few years, you’ll notice that a the majority of them are bridges, tunnels, railways, airports, and canals. All across the globe you’ll see impressive transportation updates that show how much we need a reliable means to travel, ship […]

New Construction Projects For Happier Fish

Infrastructure affects more than just the humans who rely on it everyday. It also plays a role in how animals may or may not get to where they need to go. There are been a growing number of highway modifications that also consider the movement of wildlife, and in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a new, and long-planned […]

A Closer Look At The Most Unusual And Exclusive Address in NYC

If you know the address 432 Park Ave. you’re probably abreast of one of the most notable New York City building projects in recent years. The reaching luxury condominium building is due to be completed this year and will then likely be dubbed the tallest residential building in the world, and the third tallest in […]