What Consumer Trends Are Furthering The Building Industry?

There are some new consumer trends that have had an interesting effect on the building industry. Now, an increasing number of contracting clients are looking for more than just a few customizations. Instead, they need unique structures that are sometimes built from the ground up. Thanks to rising consumer niches that require more individualized contracting and construction services, the building industry is enjoying some unconventional customer demands and more opportunities.

What trends are leading this increase? A new wave of craft beer brewers, a growing market for tiny houses, and a increase in home buyers looking for residential structures that accommodate special needs individuals and extended families, have all created new and profitable demographics for builders.

From tiny houses to breweries, builders ride trends to greater profits | Construction Dive

 construction trendsImage Source: Construction Dive 

“Builders across the U.S. are boosting their bottom lines by creating niche specialties that fill unmet consumer demand.”

Have you seen growth in your business due to niche trends that are creating new custom construction demands throughout the U.S.? Tell us what you think about these developments in the comments.