Which U.S. Roads Are In The Greatest Need Of Repair?

Potholes and other forms of road wear are unfortunately not difficult to find around the United States. These infrastructure issues damage cars, can make driving treacherous, and often lead to repair issues that become more costly the longer they’re allowed to linger. While it may not come as a surprise that potholes are more prevalent around many large urban areas, some cities are far worse than others.  New data from the TRIP transportation research group reveals the cities with the greatest percentage of roads that are considered poor.

The cities with the most potholed and treacherous roads in America, charted | Quartz

worst-roads-potholesImage Source: Quartz

“Overall, 28% of roads in America’s urban centers with a population of 500,000 or greater are considered to be in substandard condition, according to a new report from Trip, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit transportation research group.  But in the San Francisco-Oakland area, that figure soars to 74%. Greater Los Angeles, famously known for its car culture, came in second at 73%. Overall, California metro areas made up four of the top five spots, with Detroit being the lone exception (No. 4 with 56%).”

Does the outcome of this report surprise you at all? In your immediate area, how do you think your roads would rank? Tell us what you think in the comments.