Why America’s Water Problem Is Worse Than We Think

The drought that’s gripping much of America’s west coast has many concerned but many still complacent or in denial about just how serious a problem it is and how long it could last. It’s easy to overlook major water issues if you’re not in an area with an unusual and severe lack of rainfall, but throughout the country water supply systems are in jeopardy and water infrastructure is in substantial need of repair. This is a problem that’s also been easy to ignore or deny since its impact isn’t immediately apparent. Will we be able to grasp and address this problem before it becomes too late?

Even In Cities Where It Rains America’s Water Infrastructure Is a Mess | GIZMODO


Image Source: Gizmodo

“Lost efficiencies, increased costs and ecological degradation result. Lakes, rivers, and streams are cut off from their source of replenishment; waterways are alternately choked with runoff and sediment or desiccated due to lack of stream flow; and communities are forced to import water from a distance because their own aquifers are tapped out. Wastewater treatment costs increase as plants must use more energy to pump water to dilute effluent. Modern water systems in the Great Lakes have lost much of their intrinsic ecological and economic benefit. Fortunately, local governments and community groups in cities like Toronto and Detroit are working toward changing that.”

Fixing such issues will be an immense challenge, but local groups like the Great Lakes Commission and their initiative the Great Lakes Project is working to enable municipalities and local governments to build new water management systems and infrastructure.

Were you aware that water supply and management has become a serious issue beyond drought stricken states? Do you think we’ll be able to address this problem before it becomes severe? Share your thoughts in the comments.