A Guide To Construction and Industrial Bolts
At Baco Enterprises, we’re proud to be the only manufacturer of bolts in New York City. Our domestically manufactured bolts, including stainless bolts, anchor bolts, hex bolts and high strength bolts have the dependability and quality that you can trust. We offer lot certification and tracing so you can track your orders and production lines.

Our bolts are what bring structures to life. In addition to the wide range of bolt options we offer, we also provide you with next-day delivery service with our own delivery vehicles as well as our trusted network of freight carriers. Our next-day delivery options range from Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Buffalo, Boston, and Concord while we’re able to reach the remainder of the East Coast within two days.

Our experienced crew can custom manufacture your order of bolts in a minimum of time so you don’t have any production delays. We’re known throughout the nation for our reliable bolts, excellent quality products and the best possible customer service.

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Our Market
The market for our bolts is vast and crosses many applications. We’ve provided our high strength bolts, hex bolts, anchor bolts and stainless bolts to industries including power plants, bridge construction, marine construction, skyscrapers, highway building, electrical systems, water treatment facilities and manufacturing industries.

Our buyers include multinational corporations, government, defense and private enterprises. If you have questions about our bolts such as the sizes, threads, material composition, customization or product specifications of our high strength bolts, hex bolts, anchor bolts and stainless bolts, you can call us at any time. Our technical sales staff offers excellent customer service and is ready to answer any questions you have about our bolts. You can also fill out the online form, and we’ll rapidly address all of your inquiries about our bolts.

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When you select our line of high strength bolts, hex bolts, anchor bolts and stainless bolts, you’re supporting an American business. We provide durable, trustworthy and affordable products made by Americans.

We take pride in our work and do what it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction with our bolts. We have inventories of most sizes of bolts ready to be shipped to your location at a moment’s notice.

Our crew also has the capabilities to fabricate custom bolts, including our complete lines of high strength bolts, hex bolts, anchor bolts and stainless bolts to suit your application. We can manufacture custom sizes and lengths of any of our bolts. With our express delivery, you won’t have to wait more than one to two days for your order of specialty bolts to arrive.

In addition to our vast selection and inventory of bolts, we also offer the necessary tools for the installation of our bolts. We’re truly a one-stop shop for all of your industrial bolts and related fasteners.

You’ll benefit from our commitment to your full satisfaction with our bolts and customer service. We work hard to ensure your trust, and we’re ready to build a longstanding relationship to provide all of the bolts you need.

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More Information
Our technical sales staff is available to answer your questions about our bolts. Our goal is to help you select the right type of bolts for your needs. We’ll work with your engineers to find the right solution even if it means a custom fabrication of bolts.

For your convenience, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about our bolts below. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for a prompt response to your inquiries.

Uses of Stainless Bolts
Our stainless bolts are fabricated with a combination of low-carbon steel and chromium. This alloy offers a superb resistance to corrosion, which is essential across many applications.

Even scratches or other types of surface damage won’t cause our stainless bolts to experience corrosion.  Stainless bolts are best used in extreme applications where low magnetism and high durability are required. This includes maritime, bridges and water treatment facilities.

What Are Anchor Bolts Used For?
Our anchor bolts are typically used in concrete applications. Anchor bolts are ideal for attaching other materials to concrete, such as when wood framing is attached to a concrete foundation. In this way, the bolts prevent the wood from sliding off or moving around on the foundation.

They are also used to transfer loads from the walls of a structure onto the flooring, roofing or interior column structure. These bolts can also transfer a load from the floor or roof to the concrete walls.

Anchoring bolts are also used to anchor shear walls and wall panels to the foundation; to attach ledgers to walls; to tie joists and beams to walls and foundations; to attach pipes and cables to concrete; and to add to the stability of a structure in areas of high seismic activity.

Sizes of Hex Bolts
Our hex bolts are available in plain, zinc and heavy options. The minimum full-size body diameter of our hex bolts is 0.237 inches, and the maximum diameter is 4.111 inches.

The lengths of our bolts range from fractions of 1 inch to over 6 inches. If we don’t have an inventory of the hex bolt sizes you need in stock, we’ll fabricate exactly what you need to your specifications. Our highly accurate manufacturing system ensures you’ll get exactly what you need.

What Are High Strength Bolts Used for?
High strength bolts are the gold standard of the construction industry. They are the go-to product when fasteners are needed for static loads, tension and weathering are of concern.

These bolts are also used for hanging and rafters. These particular bolts are cast and heat treated to maximize strength and durability. They come in many classes and sizes suitable for bearing immense loads. They’re used in highway construction, bridges and skyscrapers.

How To Install Automotive Bolts
To install an automotive boat, first use a wire brush to remove any dirt from the threads. Next, you’ll need to lubricate the bolt with motor oil. Place each bolt into the correct place and finger tighten in the order sequence described by the owner’s manual. Make sure each bolt has the required torque before finishing the project.

How To Size Metric Bolts
If you’re used to American measurements when selecting the bolt you need, converting measurements to metric can be a challenge. A metric bolt size is measured in millimeters. We offer sizing charts to help you select the right size of bolt and installation tool. For example, a 20-millimeter bolt requires the use of a 30-millimeter wrench for proper installation.