The Importance of Screw Anchors

Many different types of screw anchors exist, and they can be very useful for ensuring that your screws do not slip out of the construction materials. Each type is used for different reasons, but they are all designed to make connections between materials stronger and longer lasting.

Installing Items on Drywall
When you are installing mirrors, towel racks or other items into drywall, a screw can sometimes strip the drywall and slide out. One great solution to this problem is drywall anchors, which come in a few different designs and are made from either plastic or metal, depending on the weight of the item being hung. They are designed to expand behind the drywall as the screw is inserted to prevent the screw from sliding out of the wall.

Installing Items on Other Walls
If the walls are made of plaster, concrete or other harder materials, the normal expansion anchors designed for drywall will not always work. Alternative wall anchors, such as molly bolts, can be an ideal solution because they are designed to attach to the wall and create permanent threads in it. These are designed to be used on hollow walls only, and it is important to select the right size that matches the thickness of the wall.

Screw Anchors

Alternative Anchors for Walls
Toggle bolts are great for holding larger loads in walls and can support up to 50 pounds, depending on the strength of the wall materials. They, like the molly bolts, are used only on hollow walls because of the way they are designed. These anchors require larger holes than the other options, and they are designed to work with bolts instead of screws.

Stabilizing Your Structures
When you are installing a fence, wall or pole, using an earth anchor can ensure that it will withstand large amounts of force from wind or other sources and remain standing. Some are made to screw into the ground for temporary use on smaller loads. Others are made to be used permanently, and they are installed with a rod and a mallet and hold much larger loads, depending on the model.

Securing Items to Concrete
When it is important that an item remain in place on a concrete floor or slab, a wedge anchor can make it an easy process. These anchors are available in two varieties, and each is good for different purposes. To secure items with a cable for more flexibility, the tie-wire zinc anchor works great, and the stainless-steel bolt anchor is great for items that should not be moved at all such as a safe.

Select the Right Anchor for Your Job
No matter why you need an anchor, it is important to select the right one for your job. This means checking the materials with which it is designed to work and the load capacity it is designed to support. Most importantly, you should decide beforehand whether it will be temporary or permanent so that you can select accordingly.