A User’s Guide to Hex Head Bolts

When two materials without threads need to be fastened together, hex head bolts are a natural choice. These bolts allow for plenty of torque to be applied during the fastening process so that a tight seal is formed between the two objects. These fasteners are used along with a nut and can be placed into a traditional or tapered hole.

Dimensions of Hex Bolts
Also known as hex cap bolts, these fasteners come in a range of sizes suited to different applications and materials. The standard hex head bolts dimensions are 0.25 to 4 inches in diameter, 0.438 to 6 inches across the flats, head heights of 0.172 to 2.688 inches and thread lengths of 0.75 to 8.5 inches.

Uses of Hex Bolts
Hex bolts are used in applications such as manufacturing, industrial machinery and holding heavy items into place. These are the most common type of bolt in use today and they can be found in just about every place and environment, from playground equipment to automobiles.


Types of Hex Bolts
Hex bolts are available in several different materials. We offer these bolts in a plain finish as well as zinc plated, stainless steel and in a black finish. Each sub-type of hex bolt is available in each type of finish.

Socket Head Bolts
A socket head bolt is used in applications where there is limited overhead clearance. These bolts have a slot in the head where a socket is affixed for tightening of the bolt. Stainless steel hex bolts come in a variety of finishes for example steel, brass and zinc.

Hex Head Cap Screws
A hex head cap screw is used when a high resistance to wear, high temperatures and tensile strength are needed. They are used in high-pressure applications such as in oil drilling equipment and chemical extraction and processing equipment. These screws are also used in fittings, valves and flanges.

High Tensile Bolts
All hex head bolt fasteners are considered to be high tensile. They are able to fasten together two materials when at least one of which has an intense load. A high tensile bolt is typically thick and commonly made of a steel alloy to reduce brittleness and enhance resistance to corrosion.

Organizers for Nuts, Bolts and Screws
Our nuts bolts bins are ideal for organizing all the different sizes and head types of bolts and screws as well as the matching nuts for the bolts. These bins come in a variety of sizes and configurations for easy sorting and categorizing. The drawers of the bins can be labeled with stickers for easy locating of the bolt or screw that you need for a project.

As manufacturers of standard, metric and custom hex bolts, our goal is to ensure that you have the right part for the job. If we do not have the hex bolts that you require for your project in stock, we are able to custom manufacture the bolts in the dimensions you need.

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