Benefits of Using Heavy Hex Bolts

Heavy hex bolts are strong and durable, ensuring that they will last for a long time and stand up to large amounts of pressure. This makes them ideal for large construction jobs, such as bridges, docks and large buildings. They are also used on playground and park equipment to ensure the safety of children and other visitors.

Uses in Commercial Construction Projects
When attaching steel to steel, as in large buildings and bridges, it is important to ensure that it has a secure connection. That is where heavy hex structural bolts come in. Their short design and galvanized steel finish holds the structure firmly together, and they can stand up to large forces from wind and gravity.

Uses in Other Projects
For playground equipment made from wood, plastic or metal, heavy hex head bolts can create a safe, secure connection. This is important for the safety of children who will be using the equipment, which is why they’re used for many of these installations. This is especially true for home playground equipment.


Many Different Options
Because they are made to secure a variety of different objects for both strength and safety of the structures, many different heavy hex bolts dimensions are available. This means that you should be able to find the right size for your next project without a problem. One of the most important dimensions to watch is the bolt length because you do not want it so long that it’s difficult to install, and you do not want it so short that you can’t attach the nut completely.

Ease of Installation
These bolts with the coordinating heavy hex nuts are designed to be easy to install using standard socket wrenches or impact wrenches. They are available in various lengths, but the only specifications you need to look for when in search of a matching nut are the width and thread size. If you don’t watch closely, you may end up with a nut that either is a slightly different size or has slightly different threading from the bolt you’re using.

The Importance of the Non-Threaded Shank
The non-threaded shank in standard structural bolts is added because the threaded portion of the shaft is the weakest part of the bolt. Maximizing this non-threaded shank for any of your installations can increase the tensile strength of your bolt, which creates a more secure connection between the materials. This is great for any structure that will undergo a lot of stress from motion or weight.

Selecting the right bolts for your next project
All of these bolts can be ideal for your next project because of their strength and durability. The heads are thick and wide to distribute stress further out, and the shafts are sturdy to hold up to strain from weight and motion.

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