The Various Uses of Eye Bolts For Construction

Eye bolts are useful hardware pieces for many projects. There are several types of these bolts, including eye bolts for lifting or for lights. Choosing the right forged eye bolts for your project is important; here are some things to consider when looking for the right bolt.

Eye Bolt Sizes
There are a variety of sizes, so you can find an eye bolt that will fit any application. If you just need to hang up a picture in the office, choose a smaller eye bolt from our inventory. When bigger bolts are needed, look up the eye bolts dimensions speculation sheet.

Wire Eye Lag
These wire lag bolts should be used in light situations only. They cannot withstand the pressure accumulated from an angular lift. For these instances, choose from our wide range of forged eye nuts.

Eye Bolt 2

Forged Angular Applications
When you need to lift an extremely heavy object, our inventory will have everything you need. Just attach a large eye bolt to each side of the heavy beam and attach a rope to each eye.

Metric Bolts
Our metric bolts are the only ones that you should use when lifting using an angular direction; these metric eye bolts are the safest to use because they were made especially for these situations. You are able to get these bolts in a variety of finishes, but our steel plain finish is the most popular: It consists of carbon steel that will not weigh down the object more than it needs to be. It is made from very strong material to withstand the various uses that might be applied to it.

Marine Sites
If you are building a boardwalk at a beach, for example, you will need to lift many heavy objects and place them at the right locations. This can include anything from steel railings to business signs. These bolts can be a useful tool to help with these situations.

Quality Is Important
Our bolts are never ground up, machined or tightened with hand tools, and they are never painted either. Our threads are as uniform as they can possibly be with minimal thread tear. We stand by our quality in all of our products.

Delivery Times
Using our next-day delivery method, we have satisfied many customers who come back to us for more steel accessories. We currently have 10 delivery vehicles, and we are partnered with many freight companies to ensure that our customers get the product when they need it.

Get What You Need Now
If your business is on the East Coast, you can expect a one-day delivery time. If you live on the West Coast, it can take up to two days. Contact us for the best shipping times available.

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