All About Structural Bolts

Structural bolts are used in applications where significant tension between two materials is required. The bolts must be tightened to at least 70 percent of their tensile strength. These bolts are known for their wide heads that are used to evenly distribute immense loads.

Specifications of a Structural Bolt
Our structural bolt fasteners are available in a wide range of diameters, thread lengths and total lengths. The structural bolts specifications include diameters that range from 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches and the lengths range from 1.25 inches to 10 inches. The thread lengths of these bolts range from 1 inch to 2.375 inches.

Types of Structural Bolt Fasteners
Structural bolts and nuts are available in many types. The most commonly used types of structural bolt are the A325 structural bolts, of which there are two subtypes. The first sub-type of A325 structural bolt features medium carbon steel, boron steel or medium carbon alloy steel such as stainless steel including chromium. The second sub-type of A325 structural bolt features weathering steel.


Structural Bolt Grades
In addition to the A325 structural bolt series, we also make the A490 structural bolts grade. The A490 bolts are made of quenched and tempered alloy steel. The A490 bolts are only available as heavy hex bolts.

Sizes of Metric Structural Bolts
If your project requires a metric structural bolt rather than one with standard sizing, you might be unsure of which one to select. Our metric bolts range in size from smaller than 5 millimeters to greater than 184 millimeters in diameter and up to 837 millimeters in length. We can convert standard to metric measurements to facilitate your product selection.

Structural Bolt Applications
Stainless structural bolts are used in applications where the bolts will be exposed to corrosive materials such as water, bases or acids. The stainless steel resists corrosion due to the chromium and nickel content of the steel. A structural bolt is used in various types of construction including residential and commercial buildings.

Bolts for Foundations
Foundation bolts are also referred to as mechanical wedge anchors. These fasteners are placed into the foundation as the concrete is cast so that they become firmly entrenched into the foundation. They are used to anchor steel beams into the concrete to form the backbone of a structure.

Advantages of a Structural Bolt
Structural steel bolts offer advantages including high strength and even distribution of tensile loads. If coated with an epoxy resin, the structural bolt also has considerable resistance to moisture, humidity and water that can cause corrosion. Because a structural bolt is much larger than most other types of bolts, it can carry a greater load.

The structural bolt has been in use for hundreds of years. While the head types of these bolts have changed over the years, what has not changed is their strength, durability and reliability under heavy loads. We stock most structural bolt sizes and are able to custom fabricate these bolts as well.

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