Stainless Steel U Bolt Manufacturer

At Baco Enterprises, we are proud to be the only manufacturer of all types of bolts in New York City, including stainless steel U bolts. You will find trusted U bolts for use in almost all kinds of construction sites. These include highways, electrical and power installations, marine construction, residential and commercial structures, mechanical industries, water treatment centers among other demands.

Our customers comes from local markets surrounding NYC as well as faraway cities and towns such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, Buffalo, Concord and Boston. In fact, we serve clients here in just a day while reaching the rest of the east coast in 2 days. We run a fleet of 10 delivery trucks and have established a solid relationship with top freight carriers.

The letter U made from nuts and bolts.

Leading Standards
Our high-quality bolts are manufactured using standard technology and cutting-edge expertise. All workers, staff and supervisors at our facilities are highly trained and qualified to produce long-lasting, efficient and trusted materials for your construction. With extensive experience, we meet the specified standards of each industry. There are innumerable stainless steel U bolts sizes and shapes, such as the stainless square U bolt, to meet the varying needs of different customers.

Apart from the standard U bolts, we can manufacture customized fasteners to suit your preference. Additionally, we stock tools and accessories for installation and safe maintenance of bolts such as magnetic drills, electric wrenches and anchors.

Varieties of Industry Needs
At Baco Enterprises, we understand the diverse interests and regulations of various industries. This is why we are dedicated to meeting the required standards. Apart from the ordinary square U bolt used everywhere, we also create stain less steel square bend U bolts and a stainless U bolt with plate. As you shop for these varieties of stainless steel U bolts, check out our wide range of stainless steel screws, nuts, washers, rigging tools, anchors, custom-made rods and anchors.

More importantly, settle on appropriate sizes of 316 stainless steel U bolts. Ensure it has the recommended thread distance and diameter. Failure to do so may cause the parts attached to structures to jiggle and play, exposing people and property to danger.

Why We Insist On Quality
Today’s construction demands a strict adherence to laws. To create strong, long-lasting structures, you have to use tough, galvanized fasteners. As you attach parts to walls, poles and beams, ensure you lock them securely in place. Check them regularly to ensure continued maintenance.

We insist on stainless steel products to avoid corrosion of nuts, bolts and washers by harsh climatic conditions. In the offshore industries for example, metal parts are prone to oxidization by the heavily saline waters of the ocean. Similarly, various parts are exposed to toxic acids and elements at chemical manufacturing plants.

While we have headquarters in Bronx, N.Y., and Pompano Beach, Fla., you can conveniently contact us online for a quote or questions. Feel free to call us if you’d prefer to speak to someone immediately as our customer support teams are patient and always glad to answer your questions.

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