High Quality Steel Screws You Can Rely On

Here at Baco, we know how important it is to have quality and performance you can rely on. As one of the top distributors of bolts and fasteners in the Northeast, we pride ourselves on our quick delivery and commitment to excellence.

Our products
Our stainless steel screws come in an average of 1/4” diameter with a 3/8” length and a 5/32” drive. These are ideal for marine, bridge and highway construction.

Making Products That Stay Strong
We fabricate all kinds of different fasteners in order to service your job or project. This includes stainless steel deck screws, stainless steel screws marine, stainless steel machine screws and more. We also specialize in different sizes and lengths, and we provide made-to-order bolts and fasteners, including stainless steel self tapping screws.

The Need for Quality
With so much development going on countrywide, there are more bridges, highways and marine constructs being built than ever. The need for extreme-strength fasteners is high. We at Baco intend to keep up with the competition.

Stainless Steel Screws

Quick Delivery
We also make rods, studs, steel, anchors, bolts and turnbuckle assemblies to order, and we provide express delivery when needed. This ensures that all of our orders go out and are received in a timely manner.

Along with hex tap bolts, many varieties of expansion anchors and shields, we also provide accessories and tools for our clients. Magnetic drills and cutters, electric impact wrenches and accessories needed for steel fabricators and erectors are just a portion of our inventory.

About Us
We are located in Bronx, NY, and are proud to be one of the top structural bolt manufacturers in the Northeast. We service countrywide, and we can deliver next day to many parts of the Northeast, including New Jersey and parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Our fasteners and bolts are commonly used on bridges, power plants, water-treatment plants and more; many public and private energy projects utilize our services. We supply anchors, nuts, washers, structural steel and shims. With thousands of miles of highway in New York City, we stock a large inventory of barrier bolts, tie rods and rebar; we also carry anchors for concrete projects that require epoxy and chemical anchors for brick, stone and blocks.

Marine Projects
Marine construction is a large business that uses tons of steel each year. Baco supplies the nuts and bolts needed to many of these projects within the NYC area. Our stainless-steel bolts, timber bolts, dock washers and carriage bolts have been used in many projects, including the hurricane Sandy reconstruction.

For more information, contact Baco for all your customer-service needs. Learn more about our wide range of steel fasteners and building equipment.

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